Friday, June 09, 2006


This is really too much. I've only recently began posting on this site, but already Ashley is driving me up a wall to make a post about her. So here it is:
Ashley is my oldest daughter. She will be seventeen next month. She is always saying how unbelievable it is that in just one little year she will be eighteen and forever free of me. I constantly remind her; that in just one little year, she will be eighteen and I will be free of her. We constantly tease each other about how great our lives will be and how only good things will happen once we are finally free of each other. But in reality in just one teeny, tiny little year my little girl will be legally grown. I will no longer have the right to know where she is, who she is with and what she is up to. Putting my foot down on issues that I do not agree with will no longer be an option. All things important will be out of my control. It will be then, that my success or failure as a parent shows. So in just one little year, I will say good bye to my rebellious teen and hello to my adult friend. I have no doubt she will do great things, the only question is: how long will it take her?


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