Saturday, June 10, 2006

Snake, Snake...

So scary and so disgusting! The other day Megan came running from the kitchen screaming "A snake, a snake in the kitchen!" So, I being
the brave woman I am, tip-toed gingerly through the dining room and slowly poked my head around the kitchen door. Sure enough, there was a snake in the kitchen. I did what any other brave person would do; I took off running, screaming "Snake, snake in the kitchen!'
I immediately called Dale. He was only at work in D.C., so surely he could drop everything and make it home (to King George, VA ) in plenty of time to catch the snake. Don't you think the the
welfare of his wife and children should be his number one priority? For goodness sake there was a killer snake in the kitchen (please see picture number one)! After Dale refused to come home (giving a lame excuse about how the snake would be gone before he could even get here) I decided to take care of it on my own. I found a box, got the broom (the snake had crawled under the lip of the counter and would need to be swept out) and called Jessica down stairs to catch the snake.
Jessica said she would catch the snake, but it was impossible for her to hold the box (so she could put it on top of the snake) sweep the snake from under the counter, and jump up and down screaming all at one time. So I swept the snake out (while jumping up and down and screaming) and J
essica threw the box on him--but wait-- I should get a picture! So we took the box off the snake and snapped a picture.
We had no sooner finished congratulating ourselves for catching the snake when I noticed he was escaping (see picture 2)! So amidst more screaming and jumping around, we caught our snake again. This time we put books all around so he couldn't escape (see picture 3). After several hours Dale finally got around to getting home, and he scooped the snake up and put him outside (see picture 4)!
Now every time we go in the kitchen; we first peek around the door to make sure there is not a snake in there!


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