Saturday, June 10, 2006

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I've decided to write thirteen things I do, that my children hate.

1. They hate when I sing to the music of the song instead of the words (you know like make the sound of the guitar instead of say the words to the song).

2. They hate when I come up with "Great ideas". Although I mean well, things usually don't turn out so great.

3. They hate when I give lectures. I honestly don't consider them lectures. I call it loving advice.

4. They hate when I make them smile and say "I love you", when they are feeling mad about some "loving advice" I just gave them.

5. They hate when I take them shopping. Don't be confused; they love to get clothes, they just don't love getting my approval for them.

6. They hate it when they have their friends over and I start singing and dancing.

7. They hate when we go to a family function and I tell everbody all of their business (but isn't it my business too?).

8. They hate my family motto. It is "One family United." When you say it you have to smile and make the shape of a heart in the air, using both pointer fingers. That makes the family motto mean; one family united in love. I think its inspirational, they think its crap.

9. They hate when I "tell Daddy" on them.

10. They hate when I tell them how lucky they are to have such a beautiful, wonderful mother like me.

11. They hate when I'm right, which is all the time.

12. They hate when I cook. To be honest I hate it too. I really am not a good cook.

13. They hate when I say what they hate.

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