Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The best part of fall is...

Writing Collaboration Number 8:
The best part of Fall is...

There are so many wonderful things about fall. The weather is great, the trees are beautiful the air smells crisp and clean, but the thing I think is best about Fall has nothing to do with the weather. The best part of fall for me is the return of routine. You see I am a perpetual procrastinator. I don't want to be one but I am. All summer long I am able to indulge in my procrastination, because in the summer there is never anything to do later, so I might as well put things off until then. In the fall I have so many things that must be done: four kids to see off to school, volunteer work, all the childrens extra-curricular activites and maybe this year a part time job. My procrastination can not (no matter how hard I try) work in the fall. Things must be done and they must be done now. I absolutely love the feeling of having a smooth running home. I love being so empowered by being so prepared, but if I am not forced to take charge then I will procrastinate. I am just that way. So for me the best part about fall is the return of routine and the end of my procrastination.


At 12:10 PM , Blogger ARKBUILDER said...

I agree--I love the fact that fall helps me gain some control over the chaos!

And bless you for surviving 5 girls. My princess has so much attitude already that I can't even let myself think about the teen and tween years.

At 12:10 PM , Blogger Diana said...

Thaks for the comment.
Your girls are beautiful, and yes, bless you for having five girls! It must be interesting there. ;)


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