Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Crazy Hip Blogg Mamas blogging topic for this week is "Home". Sounds simple enough right? Wrong. Home is so many things to me. Love, happiness, hopes dreams..... Home is where I can wear slippers and boxers all day. Home is where the kids don't have to wear matching clothes and they can fix their own hair. Home is where we share our lives, home is where we sometimes make new lives. Home is safe and happy. Home is, home is, home is. I could make a list of one hundred things, and still not feel like I have accurately described what home is. As I was struggling with a way to verbalize what home is to me I recieved this email. It was written by a friend named Sherri and subject line was Parent to Parent thought;

Well, the first day of school was today for my kids and how trying it is each year preparing for such a thing. I took five days off to spend time with the kids before they returned to school. Travis heading to first grade and Sara to seventh grade. We had a few days of fun and a few days of work to prepare for the start of yet another busy year. Things went off quite smoothly as the kid's picked out thier new clothes they wanted to wear for the first day, took thier baths, and we prepped everything the night before to avoid the mad dash out the door like most of us experience every school morning. Whether it is walking to the bus in our jammies and shoving them aboard or slapping on a quick make up job so to run to work once the kiddies are settled into school, it truly shows the glory of being a parent.
All went well and my Mom met me at the house this evening to enjoy the first day of school news with us from Sara and Travis. I watched my Mom as Travis and Sara went on and on about the day and threw papers at me and Mike left and right to sign or read. It is funny as my Dad came to mind quite often this evening and I without asking my Mom, could tell she inhaled all the joy the children were bringing to me and Mike at that moment.
Whether your children are in school or due to go in a few years, sink yourself into the grace of having the opportunity to be a parent. As I looked at my Mom tonight, I know that with all the stress that comes with being a Mom or a Dad, that in the end it is all worth it. That what you accomplish being a parent is more important then what you accomplish as an adult. I am proud my Mom and Dad spent thier quality time parenting.
I hope everyone has a wonderful school and/or parenting year. Remember, that being a parent is the greatest job you will EVER hold. Putting that job before any other will help you too look across a table at your daughter or son and grandkids one day and think to yourself "That is a job well done" as I feel my Mom was thinking tonight and know Dad was looking down and thinking the same thing. TTYL Sherry

In this letter I especially liked the paragraph in which Mom, Dad and Grandma all made sharing the childrens day a priority. Imagine how special those children must of felt knowing that the three most important people in their lives cared enough to not only be there, but to listen to what had happened durring their day.

Upon reading this letter, I was able to verbalize what home is to me. Home is quite simply the place where others care about your day.... Thanks Sherri....


At 6:39 PM , Anonymous jim said...

I believe that is what home is too....


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