Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Today my little girl turns ten. Jessica is my third child. When she was a baby she had colic and for the first four months of her life she cried and cried. Nothing we did ever helped to calm her. My husband and I spent hour upon hour walking the floors and singing lullabyes. Mercifully the colic passed, but the crying stayed. She has always been super sensitive and the least little things can make her cry. The other girls used to ask "Why is she crying?" and I would always answer "because she is Jessica."

When Jessica was three she wanted to draw a heart. She tried and tried but just could not do it. Her little eyes filled up with tears as she asked me to please show her how to do it one more time. I suggested she take a break, that her fingers were just too little to make a heart, but she refused to quit. She just kept crying and drawing until finally, she drew a heart.

That heart incident set a precedence for Jessica. She loves life and she loves to do new things. To this day she can not stand to fail. Once she has decided to learn something she will drive herself to tears until she masters it.

Jessica is by far the most sensitive person in our home. That sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse. She is easily hurt, but she so easily loves. She is always giving compliments and helping out. And unlike her colic days when were unable to satisfy her, she is now so easily pleased by the simplest things.

Jessica is my sweet, wonderful (not so) little girl and I am truly thankful and so very humbled by the wonderful blessing that is her....


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