Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thirteen Things about My Daughters

1. UP until I had Faith the kids were named in alphbetical order; Ashley, Debra, Jessica and Megan. I didn't even know it until a friend pointed it out.

2. Every other one of my children is afraid of the dark (Ashleys not, Debra is, Jessicas not, Megan is, Faith is too little to tell).

4. Also every other one has cried when they started school. (Ashley did not etc...)

5. Debra, Jessica and Megan have all had nightmares about the movie The Ring. Which their Father let them watch when I wasn't home.

6. Barney was a new show when Ashley was around three or four, and all of my kids have loved him. I have now suffered through about 14 years of Barney).

7. None of my children like pork chops.

8. All of the girls have had a pink room at one time or another. Which means we have never had a time when there wasn't a pink room in our house.

9. Debra and Jessica both fell and got stiches in their forheads at the age of two.

10. None of the girls (or me)have ever broken a bone.

11. All of my girls struggle with math.

12. none of my girls like nuts on their ice cream sundaes, but they all love cherries.

13. All of my children are absolutely spoiled rotten.....

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