Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Mobile...

Oh my goodness everyone! After almost 10 months our baby Faith is finally mobile. We didn't think she would ever crawl. As a matter of fact we didn't think she would ever do anything. With four older sisters, she would just look at something and cry until somebody brought it to her. Now seemingly overnight she crawls, pulls herself into a standing position, waves bye bye, says look (she actually says gook), baby and ba-ba. She also gives hugs and kisses, and for some crazy reason whenever shes trying to do something she sticks her little tongue out. She fell off the step the other day and got her first boo-boo. Her little nose is scratched. We have been trying to get her to blow kisses but she won't do it.. She has also started sleeping through the night. yippeee! She weighs 21 pounds and is 23 inches long (shes quite the little porker). She is the absolute joy of everyone in our house and never not ever has there been a more spoiled baby!


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