Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sweet Seventeen...

Boy the time does fly. I can remember the day she was born. She weighed only five pounds thirteen ounces. She was the tiniest sweetest baby in the world. Now she's turning seventeen. Yikes! She has been quite a teenage handful. Since she became a teenager shes been on restriction more often than not. But she's been on her best behavior lately, and she has honestly earned a great Birthday party. The question is; how great is great?

At first she was just going to have a small cook out at the house. But we didn't want to deal with the heat. So we decided to rent a small hall. We would bring out own music and any adults who wished to have alcohol could bring their own. Well the only hall available is huge, it would be way to cheesy to bring our own radio plus it probably wouldn't be loud enough (I don't want to have to say "everyone be quiet I'm trying to dance"). So were looking into a DJ. We think we might be able to get someone local for around a hundred dollars. At this hall your not allowed to bring alcohol, but they do provide a cash bar. I'm glad about the bar though, it will help keep an eye on any sneaky teen who tries to drink. The price of the hall is great. Its ninety-five dollars for the whole day. We will have access to a kitchen and there are pool tables. The hall is on the base so your name has to be on the list in order to get in. The guest list has gone from immediate family and close friends to anybody she can think of inviting. Her cake which we are getting from cakes galore is seventy-five dollars. We have decided to serve meatballs. They don't cost too much and most people like them. She is responsible for purchasing the supplies and decorating the hall, and if the DJ is more than a hundred bucks shes paying the difference.
I already know what I am giving her as a gift (as if the party isn't enough). Its not really expensive and she is going to love it. She is of course walking on cloud nine right now. She has gone from always being in trouble to having the best party ever. Shes really loving the guest list. Shes already teasing people that shes not putting them on the list. Shes even tried to kick me off the list, but then she realized I was paying for the party so she put me back on.

The party is July twenty-second. We're going to have it in the evening. I am really happy for her to have such a nice party, but I will admit it seems a bit much. With all this stuff for turning seventeen, what will she do for a weddding?


At 8:18 PM , Blogger Roy said...

I would like to be updated daily on this "guest list", so as not to buy a present if my name should somehow disappear sometime during the planning of this "gala event".
Thanks in advance for your "cooperation".

At 9:09 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Somehow I just don't see you being deleted from the guest list. She is a smart girl she knows who gives the good gifts!!!!! Have Fun


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