Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge

O.K my two reading buddies.
Time to check in with your reading.
I think we should put in parenthesis
the total number of books we have
read so far. That way it will be easier
to see how bad I am beating


At 9:06 PM , Blogger fivetimemom said...

This week I did not meet my goal of reading two books. To be honest I was barely able to finish one. This week the book I choose was:

Silent Treatment**** by Michael Palmer (5). Its about a doctor whos wife is murdered. He then finds out she had a whole other life, and now he is being framed for her murder.

At 10:31 AM , Blogger Melli said...

Oooo... I'm not part of your reading group - but this sounds like a good one - and I'm putting it on MY list! Thanks! ;)

At 11:15 PM , Blogger Roy said...

Well, I hate to say I do not have a new book to post, I am working on one but I guess I will add it next week. (4). Mark my words, I will not be defeated... or will I?

At 12:35 PM , Blogger Mary said...

Ok I have finished 2 more books in the Bible Nehemiah and Esther*****
(3) I think I liked Esther the best she was a very brave lady. I want to read Godless by Ann Colter
I hate to pay alot of money for a book though.


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