Monday, June 12, 2006

Why don't they dress up anymore?

Last week Megan finished Head Start. They of course had a ceremony to celebrate the occasion. They didn't call it a graduation, it was called a Stepping Up Ceremony. It was absolutely adorable. The children sang songs and they did recieve a diploma. I was a little suprised though. Besides Megan only one other little girl was dressed up. When I was a kid I remember any graduation, whether it was kindergarten, middle or high school, was an occasion to dress, not just nicely, but dress up. The other kids were wearing regular school clothes, nothing shabby, but certinly not fancy.

This week Debra will be graduating from Elementary School. She informed me she was going to wear jeans and a nice shirt. She said that was what her teacher told her to wear. She and I fought for days. I told her she was going to wear a skirt or dress, or she wasn't going to the graduation. Finally, she had her teacher write me a letter informing me that they have in fact, asked the students to wear regular school clothes. Can you believe that? Isn't this a special day? Shouldn't we always wear special clothes on special days?


At 3:30 PM , Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

hmm - that is strange that they had been told not to dress up. do you think it is because some families can't afford it? I wonder why - did you ask the teacher?

it is so fun to have an excuse to dress up adn graduations are so special.

thanks for dropping by today and for sharing your cell phone story. when my son is old enough to go out on his own, I might consider the cell phone I pictured on my blog. It has only 4 preprogrammed numbers to call parents etc for help and an emergency button, so he couldn't call his friends. which he wouldn't be happy about because at four he already said he wants a cell to phone his friends. I told him we had enough phones for him to call his friends thank you very much! LOL the whole thing is so funny to me really. he actually thought that he could tantrum his way into a cell phone to phone his friends! At four! LOL


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