Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why do they do that?

Last week I finally broke down and decided to get internet satelite. I'd been using dial up forever and really never had any reason to change. Blogging changed my mind. I was having a lot of trouble uploading photos and getting blog features to work properly. It turns out my dial up was taking too long to transport information and the connections were timing out. So after dragging my feet forever, I finally made the switch.

I am so happy! I love how fast things happen and I have had no trouble blogging. The only trouble I've had is the cost. I feel completely ripped off. You see I made my order with one company, it was installed with a second company and my service is provided by yet a third company. It was way too expensive to buy the equipment up front so I got on a payment plan; one hundred dollars a month for the first fifteen months (fifty dollars a month to buy the equipment and fifty for the service) Once the equipment is paid off I'll just pay for service. Sounds good right? NOT! I asked how much installation was, they said free. I ended up paying the intallation company one hundred twenty five bucks. They said it was a standard cost for all in ground installations. Then I checked my bank account and saw that I was not charged one hundered dollars for the first month but two hundred dollars. I called and they said it was a one time activation fee. I explained that was not the agreement I made. I said that I was very unhappy with all these extra costs. I signed on to pay one hundred dollars and I've ended up paying over three hundred. They told me that if I could remember the sales rep. I spoke to and get them to put in writing the agreement we made, then they would be happy to investigate the matter. Now isn't that so gernerous of them? I am mad as a hornet, and make no mistakes; I have been using my high speed internet service to very quickly send some very angry emails!


At 12:20 AM , Blogger Roy said...


I had to post this somewhere and this seems the best place on your page. I am shocked! Just now I was looking at some of my favorite recording artists web pages, and decided I would join a fan club. Well, you can't join a fan club without money. Is it not enough that I spend my hard earned money on cd's and not so often concert tickets, should I also pay extra for being a member of a fan club? This is outrageous. I tell you it has gone to far.

Furiously broke and unable to afford fan clubs,



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