Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Goals...

Summer is here. I am so happy school is out. Don't get me wrong, I definitly enjoy the break school provides, but I feel like life is easier durring the summer. We don't have to worry about early mornings, matching clothes, rushing each evening to get everything done. Summer means moving at our own pace and doing what we want to do. Or maybe it means doing what I want to do. I have already set several goals for everyone this summer. First and foremost everyone is going to learn how to type properly. I bought a typing program and each person is required to type twenty minutes a day. Second everyone will learn the location of each state. I have printed out a blank map and every few days we will add a new state. Our third goal is to learn the alphabet in sign language. This summer I also plan on teaching Megan (5year old) how to read. We have already started and she is doing great. Of course the children will still have to study and read for thirty minutes a day just like durring the school year. Now those are our serious goals. Our fun goals are learning to sew, I thought it would be neat if we all made a quilt together. Chrochet, I have a book full of beginner projects. Also each child will choose a goal for herself and we will individually work on that.

My own personal goals for the summer are: To strengthen my individual relationships with each child. Having five kids makes you tend to clump everyone together and do things as a group. With all the extra summer hours I am going to set time aside for each child to have her own special time. My second goal is to get back to scrapbooking. I love to do it, but I just haven't made the time. My third goal is the same goal I have every summer and New years; loose weight and exercise. I am pretty good at losing weight, and I'm even better at gaining it back. This summer I will hit the treadmill and ab scissor machine with a gusto and come fall, I will again be a hot mama!

So these are my summer goals. I will post each Sunday on our progress. If you have any tips or suggestions, or would just like to share your own summer goals I would love to hear them.


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