Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thirteen people that really make me mad...

1. People who are only out for themselves. You know the ones; they act nice and sweet right up until they get what they want.

2. Greedy people. Hey, if you do for me, I won't do for you.

3. Mean people. People who honestly don't have a sympathetic bone in their worthless bodies.

4. Gossips. The ones who act so friendly and caring, and then as soon as they get hold of any personal information they drag your name trough the mud.

5. Smart ass people. The ones who think they are so much smarter, therefore so much better than others.

6. Moochers. People who always expect something for nothing.

7. Liars.

8. Advantage takers. People who will find a way to get something even if they don't need it, with no regard for the person they are taking from.

9. People who take advantage of their children. Example: people who make their kids pay bills that are not the kids responsibilities.

10. Rude people.

11. Haters. People who hate to see someone else do well and will do whatever they can to ruin it.

12. Jealous people.

13. Ugly people and I don't mean looks. I mean the peson who is everything on this list, and knows it.

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At 12:29 PM , Blogger Red said...

You know what I really, *really* hate? The combination of rude and smart ass, especially in people you have to see socially because... er... they are married to one of your husband's friends, for example... Grrrrrrr.

Still, at least we are nice, aren't we?

Happy TT!

At 3:35 PM , Blogger Laura said...

wow, that's a lot of mean people!
found your list by way of another TT player. My list is up.

At 12:30 AM , Blogger Barbara said...

I agree with most of your list, especially #5. But, I'll go a little farther - those 'smart people' that don't mind bragging and letting you feel like you are the dummy in the bunch - when most of the time, you probably know as much or more than they do. But, why argue? :)

Check out my 13 at


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