Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thirteen Opposite Things about Me and my honey...

1.I absolutely love to read. He hardly even reads the newpaper.

2. He loves football, I can't see what is so great about it.

3. I am a person who says what I think, and thinks what I say. Getting an opinion from him is like pulling teeth.

4. He loves home cooking. I love fast food.

5. I love to do crafts. He tries to act interested.

6. I need to know every detail of everything, he doesn't want his time wasted with useless information.

7. I love the computer and blogging. He loves that I love it, but has no great effection for it himself.

8. He loves roller coasters, you can't pay me to get on them.

9. He loves motor cycles. I am terrified of them.

10. He likes haunted houses and all things scary. I am too scared to go.

11. I love to dance. He says he loves to watch me but he won't join in.

12. I get offended and upset easily, he could care less what others say or do.

13. I know for a fact that I love him more than he loves me, but he swears he loves me more than I love him....

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At 3:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey mom!! This Thursday Thirteen was my favorite one!!! It's so funny because I never really realized how diffrent you and dad were until I read that...It's so cute.You two were made for eachother... lol.


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