Friday, August 04, 2006

What I love about blogging.....

Hello ladies! Welcome to my very first blog entry for blogging chicks. This weeks theme is "What I love about blogging."

I am fairly new to blogging and like a lot of you bloggers out there I started a blog to keep family members updated on things that were happening with my children, my husband and myself. It was originally meant to be seen by relatives only, but that quickly changed when I saw just what a big community the blogging world is. I love doing memes, namely Thursday Thirteen, Wordless Wednesday, and Works for me Wednesday. There are a few other photo memes out there which as a photographer I am thinking I should join.

The thing I love most about blogging though is not updating family or doing memes. It is the therapeutic benefit I get from simply communicating. As a stay at home Mom I can sometimes go days and days without ever having an adult conversation. Blogging helps me keep my sanity. It helps me focus my thoughts and gives voice to my feelings and emotions. It gives me an outlet that I didn't have before. An outlet that I am so very grateful for.

Blogging also gives me another invaluable outlet. It allows me to look into the lives of other people. It lets me see how other people think and feel. Blogging shows me their options and choices and lets me see how they handle certain situations. In short blogging lets me know that I am not alone. We all struggle with the same burdens.

So while blogging is new to me now, I am sure it will grow to be a very old and very dear friend.


At 5:24 PM , Blogger Tracie said...

Amen sister!!

blogging rocks! (and it keeps me sane when I go days without actual adult conversation too!)


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