Friday, October 06, 2006

In the Army now....

Anyone who knows this family (or who has been following this blog) knows how up and down Ashley has been the passed few years. My husband and I have really had our hands full with this child. She has done everything you can possible imagine a teenager doing, plus more. It has taken her seventeen years to learn it, but I think she finally gets the fact that she is only hurting herself. Yes, her Dad and I are very upset and disappointed by her antics, but she is the one who suffers the consequences. Now don't go thinking that she has magically transformed into this perfectly behaved child, who never does anything wrong (that would be too much to ask for). But she has started taking steps (without being prompted) to better herself. For instance: It was her decision to go back to school instead of getting a GED. She is arranging to be tutored in classes that she is having trouble with, and just recently and most shocking Miss Ashley has signed up for the Army Reserves. The recruiter was here last night and we filled out all the paper work. Ashley will go next week to Fort Lee in Petersburg, VA for her testing and physical. If all goes well she will attend boot camp in the summer, but be back home in time to finish her senior year of high school. During her senior year of high school she will work her designated weekends with the army (and be paid of course) after she completes high school she will then decide to go active in the army or stay in the reserves and go to school, which of course the army provides for all her schooling. She has decided to go into human resources, which is a great career choice. I am really happy with Ashleys decision to join the army. As we all know a military life is not for everyone, but I think Ashley will benefit from the discipline and routine of the army. I think she will also gain a self confidence and independence that she is now lacking. She is very excited about it, and I am very excited for her.

Just a little side note: Ashley going into the army is a bit of a family conflict, since her cousin is in the marines. We are joking that at the family Christmas gathering we are going to have an Army - Marines show down.....Go Army......


At 5:35 AM , Blogger Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I'm so impressed... I cannot imagine being in the army. I'd be way to scared of boot camp.

I hope she loves it. I'm sure she'll do well.

At 2:51 AM , Blogger Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

i too would be way too terrified to go in the army!

but it sounds like i could be great for her! so glad things are looking up for her!


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