Friday, November 10, 2006


Yesterday Inetrims were issued at the high school. My (17) year old daughter Ashley brought home the above paper. At first glance you are probably thinking "wow, shes doing pretty good!" and that would be a fair assumption, but look closer. Do you notice anything wrong with this interim? For instance where is the School letter head? Where are the teachers names or the conduct grades? On this interim there is no place for comments and no place for a parent signature. For goodness sakes, health is spelled wrong! I can not believe she actually had the nerve to bring this sad excuse for a pretend interim home. Today she should be bringing home her real grades and for some reason I don't think those grades are going to be as good as the ones above.... I will keep you posted.

Just a little side note: She had to bring home good grades in order to attend the school dance.


By now everyone knows that my (recently turned six year old) Megan has a knack for saying the truest, rudest, funniest things in the world. She says these things at the most stressful, embarassing times and she never backs down from her words. No one and I mean No one is immune from Megans thoughts and feelings. She says what she thinks and she thinks what she says.

For years I have tried to curb Megans wayward mouth. I've done everything I could to fix this "behavioral problem". But I have come to realize that this is not a problem of behavior it is a faucet of her personality. So while I will still try to get her to say things in a nicer way I realize that I will never be able to stop her from saying what she thinks when she thinks it. So knowing this I have decided to call her bursts of rude, funny truths: Meganisms. They are all Megan, all the time. I could probably write a best selling book filled with Meganisms, but for now I will just put it on my blog.

The latest Meganism happend the other day. The weather had turned unseasonably warm and I was telling my oldest daughter that it felt like shorts wearing weather. Megan said (in a very irritated voice)

"Well I would wear shorts today, but somebody won't let me shave my legs!"