Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today I am tired.

Today I am tired. The kids are cranky and tired. The husband is crankier. The house is a mess the laundry needs to be done. I have a million calls that I should of made days ago. Bills need to be paid, and on and on and on.... I will have to just do it all tomorrow, because today I am just too tired. When I wake up tomorrow I will be the person I should of been today, and I will do all the things I should of done days ago....

Thirteen Rude Things Megan said

Megan is my five year old. Recently her five year old cousin Butchie spent the night. Whenever Butchie comes over Megan thinks she is his boss. And let me tell ya, Megan is a very rude boss. Below are 13 rude things she said the last time he came over;

1. After Megan had bossed Butchie around for an hour I asked her if she wanted Butchie to go home and tell people that Megan was nice to him, or did she want Butchie to go home and tell people that Megan was mean to him? Megan said "I just want him to go home!"

2. We were going to the store. Butchie was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The jeans had a tear in the knee, but they looked fine. Megan found Butchie another outfit and said "Here Butchie, go change. You are not going to the store with me, looking like that!"

3. At the store we were buying a new teething toy for the baby. Butchie asked could he buy something, before I could answer Megan said "Butchie, we only buy toys for babies. Are you a baby? Cuz you don't look like a baby to me!"

4. Butchie was throwing a ball in the living room. Megan said "Butchie we don't throw balls in our house. Do you see all this nice stuff around you? Do you want to pay for it? I don't think you do, so put the ball away!"

5. It was bathtime. Butchie was very excited. He was jumping up and down saying "Yaaa, Me and Megan are going to take a bath together!" Megan looked right at him and said "Excuse me Butchie, I don't take baths with naked boys. Your privates are gross!"

6. We were all playing a board game. Butchie was getting a little bored and said he didn't want to play. Megan says "So your a quitter Butchie, we don't like quitters around here!"

7. We were having lasagna for dinner. Butchie said he didn't like lasagna Megan said "Well I guess you have to starve then!"

8. It was bedtime Butchie said he did not want to go to bed. Megan said "Well, why don't you walk home then?"

9. It was breakfast time. The kids were eating fruit Loops. Butchie and Megan were sitting across the table from eachother. Megan said "Butchie, I can hear you smacking your lips all the way over here. Please chew with your mouth closed?"

10. The kids were playing I Spy. It was Butchies turn. Megan said "Make sure you don't choose something stupid Butchie!"

11. Megans asked Butchie if he wanted to go outside. Butchie said no. Megan said "Fine, be that way punk!"

12. Buthcie was pushing the babies walker around the house. Megan said "Butchie, if you break that with your big butt you have to buy it."

13. I told the girls that next week we would be going to a new park I found. I told them if they were super good I would allow each of them to bring one friend. Megan got the biggest smile on her face and said "I know which friend I'm bringing; I'm going to bring my best friend Butchie!" and they both hugged....

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

This is my first official Works-for-me-Wedsnesday.

Timers work for me. I use them to time everything. If the kids need to clean thieir room, I access the mess and set the appropriate time. The children then have no time to fight with me they need to race the timer. In the mornings kids love to take forever to eat breakfast, set the timer. I usually allow ten minutes. Park trips, time outs, bedtime routines, reading times.... All made hassle free with a timer. Everyone is allowed one hour a day on the computer. Set the timer and go... No fighting and no trying to remember how much time left.... For less than three bucks at Wal-mart these timers are a life saver at my house.

So nice....

When Debra was in kindergarten the school did this book publishing thing and all the kids would write a story and it was turned into a book. It was a cute program. Anyway Debra wrote a book called "The Snowman got lost". I'm sure you can guess what it was about. She dedicated the book to Me......Take a look.

Reading Challenge....

My goodness the weeks are just flying by....... I want the time to slow down so I can have a long lazy summer. It looks like that won't happen though. Anywho, what ya been reading?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sweet Seventeen...

Boy the time does fly. I can remember the day she was born. She weighed only five pounds thirteen ounces. She was the tiniest sweetest baby in the world. Now she's turning seventeen. Yikes! She has been quite a teenage handful. Since she became a teenager shes been on restriction more often than not. But she's been on her best behavior lately, and she has honestly earned a great Birthday party. The question is; how great is great?

At first she was just going to have a small cook out at the house. But we didn't want to deal with the heat. So we decided to rent a small hall. We would bring out own music and any adults who wished to have alcohol could bring their own. Well the only hall available is huge, it would be way to cheesy to bring our own radio plus it probably wouldn't be loud enough (I don't want to have to say "everyone be quiet I'm trying to dance"). So were looking into a DJ. We think we might be able to get someone local for around a hundred dollars. At this hall your not allowed to bring alcohol, but they do provide a cash bar. I'm glad about the bar though, it will help keep an eye on any sneaky teen who tries to drink. The price of the hall is great. Its ninety-five dollars for the whole day. We will have access to a kitchen and there are pool tables. The hall is on the base so your name has to be on the list in order to get in. The guest list has gone from immediate family and close friends to anybody she can think of inviting. Her cake which we are getting from cakes galore is seventy-five dollars. We have decided to serve meatballs. They don't cost too much and most people like them. She is responsible for purchasing the supplies and decorating the hall, and if the DJ is more than a hundred bucks shes paying the difference.
I already know what I am giving her as a gift (as if the party isn't enough). Its not really expensive and she is going to love it. She is of course walking on cloud nine right now. She has gone from always being in trouble to having the best party ever. Shes really loving the guest list. Shes already teasing people that shes not putting them on the list. Shes even tried to kick me off the list, but then she realized I was paying for the party so she put me back on.

The party is July twenty-second. We're going to have it in the evening. I am really happy for her to have such a nice party, but I will admit it seems a bit much. With all this stuff for turning seventeen, what will she do for a weddding?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Whos in charge here?

Before I had children I, like everyone else, would look down my nose at some poor parents misbehaving child and say; "my kids will never do that". And for the first three children, I was right. Sure they went through the terrible twos and there were many trying days, but for the most part I was raising respectful, well behaved children. They didn't talk back. They did what I said, when I said . They were so good in fact, I decided to have another one.

On October 12, 2000 we welcomed Megan Nicole into our lives. From the very moment of her birth she did the unexpected. You see, we were expecting a boy. We had been told we were having a boy. We had a blue nursery. We had all blue clothes. We already had three daughters. We were expecting a boy....

I've never been one to sleep with an infant. Not that I think its wrong. I'm just too nervous. All the other girls were just fine sleeping in their bassinets. Not Megan. Not only did she have to sleep with me. She had to sleep on me. For the first two months of her life, every night, she and I were like one. Like one sweaty, uncomfortable blob....

Now I must be honest. Megan was a good baby. She ate really well, and with the exception of the first two months, she was fine to be left alone. She was happy and playful. She learned quickly and slept on a good schedule. She did this for years. Then she turned two.....

Now I am not a person who curses on a regular basis. But even when I do curse there are certian words I don't say, and certianly words I would never say around my girls. So imagine my suprise when little Megan turned into a potty mouth. It all started at lunch one day. We were sitting together eating sandwiches, having a great time. All of a sudden Megan looks me right in the eye and says b****! I was sure I had heard her wrong so I asked her to say it agian. B**** she said plain as day. I immediatly let her know that was bad and never to say it again. Well not only did she say it again, she said it often. Every time she got mad she would scream b****. She said it at home, at the mall, in restaraunts. The looks people would give us when she said that were just awful. They looked at us as if we had taught her that. They would shake their heads and I know they were saying "my kids will never act like that". We tried everything to make her stop, and I do mean everything. Finally, she stopped saying it, when we ignored her. But it seemed for every bad habit we broke, she found a new one. For the next three years we dealt with; hitting, biting, screaming fits and the one I thought was worst of all; spitting....

Now Megan is five soon to be six. She is the most stubborn person I have ever met in my life. She still has a really bad temper, and if the child thinks it, the child says it. Its not so much that she says things, its the way she says them. She says it like she is the boss and everybody better listen. We have always called her princess and I think she honestly believes she is one. Now she has come a long way. She no longer cusses or spits. She seldom hits. She loves to cuddle and read books. Her worst days are when her sisters are able to do things that she just can't phsically do right now (like crochet or type). I've also realized that the more we feed into her temper tantrums, the more she has them. Which I know seems like common sence but believe me when I tell you how hard it is to ignore her.

I would like to point out that megan has gone to school for two years now. She has never once been bad in class. Her teachers adore her and her class mates love her. Her teachers have said she is a leader among the students (always making sure everyone is where they should be, when they should be). Her last teacher said she is going to grow up to be a dictator. I believe it.

Nine months ago, we had another baby girl; Faith Christine. We were all curious as to how Megan would react to her. She has done wonderfully. It turns out that whatever is mine Megan thinks should be hers too. So Faith is not just Mommys baby, she is Mommys and Megans baby. I have an area that holds my desk, scrapbook table etc. Its called Moms area. Well megan got a desk for her last birthday. She put it in my area, now its our area...... Any nursery song that says mom, she changes to mom and megan. If the baby starts fussing Megan will ask "Whos making my baby fuss?" And please whatever you do, don't let Megan see you doing something with the baby, she thinks you shouldn't do. You will get the biggest lecture in the world. The lecture will start with "Are you crazy? Why are you doing that to my baby?" and she will go on and on and on.....

I don't want to leave you with the impression that Megans all bad. Shes not. Shes funny, smart and playful. There have been a few days of peace and quiet. Its just that Megan thinks she is the boss. I think I am the boss. With both of us thinking this it just begs the question; Who's in charge here?

Thirteen reasons I am glad school is out;

1. No more early mornings.

2. No more last minute shoe searches.

3. No more fights about wearing matching clothes.

4. No more staightening curly hair each morning (all my girls have some curl and they all want straight hair).

5. No more mad dashes to the bus stop.

6. No more packing lunches that get left behind.

7. No more taking forgotten items to the school.

8. Plenty of time to spend with my girls.

9. Plenty of trips to the pool and park.

10. Plenty of time to do projects we want to do.

11. Plenty of hours to read books together.

12. Plenty of hugs and kisses through out the day.

13. Plenty more sleep.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Summer Goals...

Summer is here. I am so happy school is out. Don't get me wrong, I definitly enjoy the break school provides, but I feel like life is easier durring the summer. We don't have to worry about early mornings, matching clothes, rushing each evening to get everything done. Summer means moving at our own pace and doing what we want to do. Or maybe it means doing what I want to do. I have already set several goals for everyone this summer. First and foremost everyone is going to learn how to type properly. I bought a typing program and each person is required to type twenty minutes a day. Second everyone will learn the location of each state. I have printed out a blank map and every few days we will add a new state. Our third goal is to learn the alphabet in sign language. This summer I also plan on teaching Megan (5year old) how to read. We have already started and she is doing great. Of course the children will still have to study and read for thirty minutes a day just like durring the school year. Now those are our serious goals. Our fun goals are learning to sew, I thought it would be neat if we all made a quilt together. Chrochet, I have a book full of beginner projects. Also each child will choose a goal for herself and we will individually work on that.

My own personal goals for the summer are: To strengthen my individual relationships with each child. Having five kids makes you tend to clump everyone together and do things as a group. With all the extra summer hours I am going to set time aside for each child to have her own special time. My second goal is to get back to scrapbooking. I love to do it, but I just haven't made the time. My third goal is the same goal I have every summer and New years; loose weight and exercise. I am pretty good at losing weight, and I'm even better at gaining it back. This summer I will hit the treadmill and ab scissor machine with a gusto and come fall, I will again be a hot mama!

So these are my summer goals. I will post each Sunday on our progress. If you have any tips or suggestions, or would just like to share your own summer goals I would love to hear them.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge

O.K my two reading buddies.
Time to check in with your reading.
I think we should put in parenthesis
the total number of books we have
read so far. That way it will be easier
to see how bad I am beating

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Going too far...

I know a lot of people out there have pets. I know that in many homes the pet is not just a pet but a vital member of the family. Some people even call their pets their children. I've seen people who buy clothes for their pets. People who let their pets eat dinner with them. I personally used to take our dog to the baby sitters with the children because she cried if we left her home alone. Some times I think people go a little too far and sometimes I don't think they go far enough.

This Blog is about Mr. Roy who has definitely gone just a little too far. As told in the previous blog Roy just got a new puppy. The puppy is named jack. The puppy like all puppies needs to be house trained and taught what it should and should not chew. So everytime the dog does something he should not do Roy uses his "mad" voice to get the dog to listen. Well it seems little Jack is hard headed, because not only does Jack continue his bad behavior, he doesn't even turn his head to acknowledge Roy has spoken. Now rather than Roy just admit his dog is completely ignoring him. Roy calls and says he thinks his dog has a hearing problem! I told him he has truly become a parent since he is now making excuses for his baby Jacks behavoir.....

Oh bye the way, Roy said Jack has no problem hearing his toy that rattles.

New Arrivals....

I don't know whats going on lately, but it seems our family is being over run by animals named after t.v. characters. Used to be you named a dog for his looks or his temprement. You might have a big fuzzy dog named bear or a cute little dog named cuddles. Now we have a dog named Flash. Another dog named Jack and a gerbal named Grace. You may not be fimilar with these t.v. characters, but not to worry I will fill you in.

First came flash, shes a little mixed dog who is mostly beagle. She is named after the dog belonging to everyones favorite sherrif; Roscoe P. Coltrane..... Unlike the dog on The Dukes Of Hazzard this dog is full of energy. She jumps, she chews she chases and runs. She has made visiting Maw-Maws house a very exciting time.

Next came Roys new pride and joy; Jack. He is the softest little cutest bundle of puppy I've ever seen. I believe little Jack is a lhasa apso and poodle mix. He is a real life ankle biter, he also bites toes,and fingers and cheeks. He loves to cuddle. His favorite place to sit is right on your shoulder cuddled up to your neck. He is a spoiled little puppy named after our favorite gay guy; Jack from Will and Grace. Roy said if he had gotten a girl he would definitly have named her Karen.

Last but not least comes Grace. She is Ashleys new hampster. Leave it to Ashley to buy the only hampster I've ever seen who has turned her spinning ball into a bed. She took her bedding and her food and put it in the spinning ball. Ashley tried taking it out, but Grace just put it back. Little Grace sleeps all day and night in her little spinning ball. She is a bit Kookie just like her name sake from Will and Grace. Ashley said she is going to get a boy hampster and name him Will.

So if you want to know what a person is watching on t.v., just ask them what their pets names are...

Thirteen Things about Why I love my honey

1. because he works long hard hours so that I dont have to.

2. because he thinks I am beautiful, and tells me so.

3. because he always gets out of bed to hand me the remote when I leave it on the dresser at bedtime.

4. because he laughs at all my corny jokes.

5. because he takes care of the kids and house on his day off so that I can have a break.

6. because he spoils me.

7. because he is always leaving me little notes that say how much he loves me.

8. because when I get really stressed and act stupid, he always acts like I didn't.

9. because he does things to purposely make me laugh.

10. because he washes the laundry.

11. because all summer long he will cook dinner on the grill.

12. because he takes me and the girls shopping (and hardly compains).

13. because he really, really loves me.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why do they do that?

Last week I finally broke down and decided to get internet satelite. I'd been using dial up forever and really never had any reason to change. Blogging changed my mind. I was having a lot of trouble uploading photos and getting blog features to work properly. It turns out my dial up was taking too long to transport information and the connections were timing out. So after dragging my feet forever, I finally made the switch.

I am so happy! I love how fast things happen and I have had no trouble blogging. The only trouble I've had is the cost. I feel completely ripped off. You see I made my order with one company, it was installed with a second company and my service is provided by yet a third company. It was way too expensive to buy the equipment up front so I got on a payment plan; one hundred dollars a month for the first fifteen months (fifty dollars a month to buy the equipment and fifty for the service) Once the equipment is paid off I'll just pay for service. Sounds good right? NOT! I asked how much installation was, they said free. I ended up paying the intallation company one hundred twenty five bucks. They said it was a standard cost for all in ground installations. Then I checked my bank account and saw that I was not charged one hundered dollars for the first month but two hundred dollars. I called and they said it was a one time activation fee. I explained that was not the agreement I made. I said that I was very unhappy with all these extra costs. I signed on to pay one hundred dollars and I've ended up paying over three hundred. They told me that if I could remember the sales rep. I spoke to and get them to put in writing the agreement we made, then they would be happy to investigate the matter. Now isn't that so gernerous of them? I am mad as a hornet, and make no mistakes; I have been using my high speed internet service to very quickly send some very angry emails!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 12, 2006

Why don't they dress up anymore?

Last week Megan finished Head Start. They of course had a ceremony to celebrate the occasion. They didn't call it a graduation, it was called a Stepping Up Ceremony. It was absolutely adorable. The children sang songs and they did recieve a diploma. I was a little suprised though. Besides Megan only one other little girl was dressed up. When I was a kid I remember any graduation, whether it was kindergarten, middle or high school, was an occasion to dress, not just nicely, but dress up. The other kids were wearing regular school clothes, nothing shabby, but certinly not fancy.

This week Debra will be graduating from Elementary School. She informed me she was going to wear jeans and a nice shirt. She said that was what her teacher told her to wear. She and I fought for days. I told her she was going to wear a skirt or dress, or she wasn't going to the graduation. Finally, she had her teacher write me a letter informing me that they have in fact, asked the students to wear regular school clothes. Can you believe that? Isn't this a special day? Shouldn't we always wear special clothes on special days?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Reading Challenge....

Just a few weeks into the challenge and I am loving it. I see Mr. Roy is trying to read more books than me, so I will have to pick up the pace. Please review the comments to see what everyone is reading.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Can you believe Ashley is finally off restriction? I am not kidding when I tell you it is the first time she has been off restriction this year!

We have been attending a family workshop that focuses on communication. Its a weekly class and it has done wonders for our relationship. Some of the information they gave us is so good I plan on posting it on this blog very soon.

Anywho, so she's off restriction, and I don't like it. I want her to be back on restriction so I know where she is and who she is with at all times. I am now trying to think of reasons to punish her. Do you think it would be wrong if I put her on restriction for talking too loud? Because I know without a doubt she will talk loudly before the night is out. Maybe I could ground her for gulping down her soda, she does drink her sodas way too fast, or possibly I could restrict her for not smiling pleasantly when talking to her sisters...

I don't know, these ideas may not work. Its looking like I might have to let her go out and have a life, unless you guys have an idea....

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I've decided to write thirteen things I do, that my children hate.

1. They hate when I sing to the music of the song instead of the words (you know like make the sound of the guitar instead of say the words to the song).

2. They hate when I come up with "Great ideas". Although I mean well, things usually don't turn out so great.

3. They hate when I give lectures. I honestly don't consider them lectures. I call it loving advice.

4. They hate when I make them smile and say "I love you", when they are feeling mad about some "loving advice" I just gave them.

5. They hate when I take them shopping. Don't be confused; they love to get clothes, they just don't love getting my approval for them.

6. They hate it when they have their friends over and I start singing and dancing.

7. They hate when we go to a family function and I tell everbody all of their business (but isn't it my business too?).

8. They hate my family motto. It is "One family United." When you say it you have to smile and make the shape of a heart in the air, using both pointer fingers. That makes the family motto mean; one family united in love. I think its inspirational, they think its crap.

9. They hate when I "tell Daddy" on them.

10. They hate when I tell them how lucky they are to have such a beautiful, wonderful mother like me.

11. They hate when I'm right, which is all the time.

12. They hate when I cook. To be honest I hate it too. I really am not a good cook.

13. They hate when I say what they hate.

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Snake, Snake...

So scary and so disgusting! The other day Megan came running from the kitchen screaming "A snake, a snake in the kitchen!" So, I being
the brave woman I am, tip-toed gingerly through the dining room and slowly poked my head around the kitchen door. Sure enough, there was a snake in the kitchen. I did what any other brave person would do; I took off running, screaming "Snake, snake in the kitchen!'
I immediately called Dale. He was only at work in D.C., so surely he could drop everything and make it home (to King George, VA ) in plenty of time to catch the snake. Don't you think the the
welfare of his wife and children should be his number one priority? For goodness sake there was a killer snake in the kitchen (please see picture number one)! After Dale refused to come home (giving a lame excuse about how the snake would be gone before he could even get here) I decided to take care of it on my own. I found a box, got the broom (the snake had crawled under the lip of the counter and would need to be swept out) and called Jessica down stairs to catch the snake.
Jessica said she would catch the snake, but it was impossible for her to hold the box (so she could put it on top of the snake) sweep the snake from under the counter, and jump up and down screaming all at one time. So I swept the snake out (while jumping up and down and screaming) and J
essica threw the box on him--but wait-- I should get a picture! So we took the box off the snake and snapped a picture.
We had no sooner finished congratulating ourselves for catching the snake when I noticed he was escaping (see picture 2)! So amidst more screaming and jumping around, we caught our snake again. This time we put books all around so he couldn't escape (see picture 3). After several hours Dale finally got around to getting home, and he scooped the snake up and put him outside (see picture 4)!
Now every time we go in the kitchen; we first peek around the door to make sure there is not a snake in there!

Play Ball....

This past weekend the girls and I went to watch Butchie, Jake and Austin play ball. It was a new experience for us girls, we normally don't care too much about ball games. But I must admit we all had a really good time.

Little Butchie plays tee ball. Big Butchie is his coach. They don't keep score and they don't care about outs. The kids tend to get distracted in the outfield, and you are more likely to see someone playing in the dirt than catching a fly ball, but hey, its just for fun. And we had a lot of fun watching....

Jake and Austin, now their game is the real deal. All rules apply when you play little league ball for the Orioles. Most of you know that Rob is the coach for their team, and he does really well. Those boys hustle on the field. I could not believe the arms on those little guys. The Orioles, of course; won the game, and Austin even scored a home run.

All in all it was a great time. I am really proud of the boys (and their Dads) for games well played.

Friday, June 09, 2006


This is really too much. I've only recently began posting on this site, but already Ashley is driving me up a wall to make a post about her. So here it is:
Ashley is my oldest daughter. She will be seventeen next month. She is always saying how unbelievable it is that in just one little year she will be eighteen and forever free of me. I constantly remind her; that in just one little year, she will be eighteen and I will be free of her. We constantly tease each other about how great our lives will be and how only good things will happen once we are finally free of each other. But in reality in just one teeny, tiny little year my little girl will be legally grown. I will no longer have the right to know where she is, who she is with and what she is up to. Putting my foot down on issues that I do not agree with will no longer be an option. All things important will be out of my control. It will be then, that my success or failure as a parent shows. So in just one little year, I will say good bye to my rebellious teen and hello to my adult friend. I have no doubt she will do great things, the only question is: how long will it take her?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The cutest baby ever....