Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Debra, Debra, Debra....

Oh this child of mine, or should I say this parent of mine, or should I say this scaredy cat baby of mine? Debra will be thirteen years old on Friday (march 16th), but some times I swear she is turning thirty and other times I think she must be turning three !

The times I think she is turning thirty are the times she acts like it is her job to keep her father and I in line. She will ask us what we are doing and why. She will get on us if she thinks we should not be doing something. If we buy something she will ask if we think we have enough money for that? No matter how often I get on her about "parenting us" she will not stop.

Debra has to have the last word in every convesation. If I am getting on her she will of course talk back. A typical disagreement always ends like this:

"Debra do not say another word"
"O.k. Mom".
"Debra do not say another word means no words should be comming out of your lips"
"Alright, I'm not talking"
"Debra saying alright and o.k. is still talking. DO NOT SPEAK AGAIN"
"I said alright Mom"
and on and on and on....

If her Father and I go out to dinner without the kids (which happens a whopping once and a while) Debra will say
"Oh great, yall get to go out and have the good food while we get to stay home and eat the crappy stuff"

When Debra asks me to buy her something that she knows she is not going to get, before I even get a chance to answer her she will say
"Oh of course I can't have that. I forgot we're broke"!

I have tried everything I can to get this child to stop running her mouth and checking up on her Father and I. So far nothing has worked and I fear I am stuck with a smart mouthed child/parent forever.

On the other hand Debra is such a scaredy head. Here is a list of things Debra will not do.

1. She will not sleep with all the lights out.
2. She will not go upstairs alone.
3. Although she is in seventh grade, she will not go to the bus stop by herself. I still have to walk her out.
4. She will not go outside alone.
5. She will not stay home alone, and she forever worries that I will not be home when she gets out of school.

I really don't know how one girl can be so grown and so scared at the same time. She is such a contradiction and I honestly couldn't love her more.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Megans Dream....

Megans Dream.... DSC_1081

This is such a cute story you guys. In school Megan (grade K) has been learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. She is so very interested in this topic and has talked nonstop about ole' George and Honest Abe for weeks. About a week ago she came to me and said "Do you know what my dream is?" I thought she meant a dream she had while sleeping, but no she meant a dream she wanted to have come true. I told her I did not know what her dream was, but I would love to hear about it. She then told me her dream was to see that statue of honest Abe sitting in his huge chair. She also wanted to see that Giant pencil people made for George Washington and to top it off she wanted to see the White House.

Lucky for me we live in the D.C. area. So this weekend I was able to do what is oft times too hard for parents to accomplish; I made my little girls dream come true. We went to D.C. and saw Abe in his huge chair, and we were able to view the White House from the top of that Giant pencil people made for George Washington.

It was a really great day and Megan was so excited to share her pictures with her classmates.