Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It seems unbelievable that a year has passed since I last posted. I would love to say the reason I haven't posted is because I was busy traveling the world or learning exciting new things. But alas, I have just been lazy.

But just because I am lazy does not mean there haven't been a lot of changes. I will do a quick recap of my year. Each highlight will have its own post later.

*The worst thing that happened last year is that my mother became very ill. She has spent the last three or four months in the hospital and has had some pretty close calls. She is now in a nursing home until she gets well enough to go home.

*The girls have of course aged another year. Their ages and grades are now as follows; Ashley is eighteen (nineteen in July). She dropped out of school but I am constantly nagging her about getting her GED. Debra is 14 and in eighth grade. Jessica is 11 and in sixth grade. Megan is 7 and in first grade and our baby Faith is two. I of course stopped aging this year and do not plan on ever starting back up again.

*Ashley no longer lives at home. That is definitely a post all on its own.

*Debra had her first broken heart (a very sad but funny story that will be coming soon).

*Sadly so very sadly Jessica is becoming like every other tween aged girl and I am seriously mourning my lost little girl.

*Megan is still Megan. She is still the smart mouthed, tell it like it is, guaranteed to make you feel like an idiot little girl we all know and love.

*Faith is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day she amazed me with the things she shouldn't know but does.

*Dale is still Dale. He spoils us all rotten and then gets mad because we are all so spoiled....

*And last but not least I who have admittedly been lazy have still managed to alienate several members of my family. I have been kicked out of several homes and cussed out by an incredibly lot of people. This is another sad but oh so funny story.....

So a year has passed and much has changed. However some things haven't changed. Like how I am on a diet (again) and how I am going to start keeping a cleaner more organized house. How I am putting my foot down and these kids are going to start listening. Also unchanged is how very much I love my husband and children and how lucky I am to have them....


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