Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that none of my four older kids did but my baby Faith does...

1.Sucks a pacifier. We call it a ninny and boy is this baby addicted to it.

2. She has a security item. She is so in love with a stuffed bunny we call Bunny Foo Foo. We can not go anywhere or do anything without Bunny Foo Foo being involved.

3. She is afraid of "scaries". Each night I have to spray each window of her room with our speacial scary spray (water) and say "go away scaries" or she won't go to sleep.

4. She loves t.v.! When my older girls were babies I always wished they would sit and watch t.v. like other babies, but they wouldn't. They would watch for a minute and then wander off. Faith loves t.v. and will watch it all day if I let her. Sounds good right? Wrong. I am so sick of kid shows. I swear I can repeat every episode of Dora The Explorer by heart. Plus if I turn the t.v. channel she gets really mad....

5. She really is a Daddys girl. Most times it is really a cute thing to see, but sometimes a grown man should be strong.

6. She is two years old and can work the computer. I am not kidding. She can control the mouse and not only go to games but she can play them as well. It is incredible...

7. She walks on my treadmill. Seriously, she uses that thing more than I do.

8. She has temper tantrums. Yes, all two year olds do, but do they copy the dramatics of their teenage sisters? heres an example;

Mommy: Faith, stop pouting and come talk to mommy.
Faith: NEVER!
Mommy: Faith, We can't have a fit, we need to use our words.

and if I feed into it we can go like that for hours.

9. No matter how hard I try I can not get her on an eating schedule. Don't get me wrong she eats at every meal. She also eats about five more times in between. If I don't give her food. She will get it herself.

10. She loves to read books. And like with the t.v her attention span is long. She can get any one of about twenty books and tell you what they are about.

11. Loves to swing high. We have a tire swing in our yard. Faith loves it. But if we don't push her as high as that swing will possibly go (which is too high for her) she will cry. While she is swinging so high she likes to let go of the swing and wave.

12. This one is gross and I always said my kids would never do it. She carries her potty around the house. It is not suprising to walk in the living room and see a potty full of doo... Yuck... Once I opened the microwave and her littl potty bowel was in it. Thankfully it was empty, but I don't use that microwave anymore.

13. She does not like to be in her stroller. My older girls would sit for hours if I pushed them. Not Faith, she can not stand the stroller for more than ten or fifteen minutes.

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